• ED 650

    Evaluating Digital Tool Accessibility

    School districts and individual classrooms are currently in the process of integrating more and more educational technology into the classroom at both the primary and secondary levels.  According to Stahl and Smith (2016), “increases in K–12 online learning are taking place in all 50 states.” Today’s educators can expect to be creating lessons using technology and/or using some form of online learning during instruction. Online learning in various instructional models is becoming even more relevant at the primary and secondary levels.  Stahl and Smith (2016) estimated, “blended, supplemental, flipped, fully online learning, and the variations of what is increasingly being called “personalized learning” are changing at an exponential rate and…

  • ED 650

    Can the iPad replace the computer?

    The use of personal mobile devices in the classroom is a growing trend in educational technology. With the cheaper cost to purchase, maintain and replace broken tablets, it makes sense that more and more school districts are looking at the adoption of tablets into the classroom. Additionally, “the growing interest in mobile technologies is obvious: they comprise flexible, personal devices that potentially support the learning process” (Montrieux, Grove, Shellans, 2014). The adoption of tablets has been found to have a positive effect on both teacher’s instruction and students learning, but how and what makes the adoption of tablets successful or unsuccessful? With our decreasing budget, our school district recently sold…