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    Creating a Thing For my final project, I decided to create an introductory lesson about Internet Safety for my Health II students. My students are 11th and 12th grade high schoolers. After taking this class I learned a lot about being online and the importance of teaching students how to safely and productively be online through digital citizenship. The eight elements that I will be developing each of my lessons on for the entire Digital Citizenship Unit are as follows: Internet Safety, Privacy and Security, Relationships and Communication, Cyberbullying and Digital Drama Digital Footprints and Reputation, Self-Image and Identity, Information Literacy, Creative Credit, and Copyright. These eight elements came from…

  • Ed 654

    Work Together

    https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1poFxVygC0jnz1N2VqFqnmRQGrdi3kCEtxeqE2lLt7RI/edit?ts=5b5f283f#slide=id.p I worked with Tracy and Robert to create a mini powerpoint about the Holocaust! Check it out at the above link! I have used google docs before, but I struggled using google slides or the presentation mode of it! I couldn’t figure out how to format and edit the Google presentation in the same way that I normally would so I was quite frustrated with the program. Tracy and Robert added awesome input and I was really excited about how the entire powerpoint was pulled together. Summer and scheduling is always the hardest part of summer, but we all found the time and managed to create the powerpoint presentation together!…