• ED 431

    Emerging Tools

    Virtual reality devices can motivate students to participate as they are actively involved in their learning by taking part in the visual experience.  I often show clips, documentaries or movies in class to the students to allow them to experience history as they have the ability to visually see it. Adopting virtual reality devices in my classroom could transform this experience even further and actively engage the students. Pantelidis (2009) advocates that “virtual reality provides new forms and methods of visualization, drawing on the strengths of visual representations. It provides an alternate method for presentation of material” (p. 4). I think that this changes the situation from them passively viewing information…

  • ED 431

    PLN, PLE, and PLC Video Reflection

    When I began I was skeptical that the definitions for a PLN, PLE, and PLC  were even going to be enough to be distinguished. I have always been in love with learning new things. Part of the reason I loved college was that my only  “job” was going to class to learn and discuss history with my professor and classmates. When I first began as a teacher I was trying to keep my head above water. In that first year, I learned more from our department chair Carla from classroom organization to classroom management.  Now that she has been retired for two years I have realized just how much I…