• ED 431

    Annotated Bibliography

    Annotated Bibliography  The first thing I realized is that it is very difficult for me to write in 100 words or less. I had to start by shortening all of my annotations. I appreciate more of an organized collaboration, but it worked well being able to access/edit work when it was convenient for my schedule. The cool part about the collaborated annotated bibliography is that even though we have an underlying thread, because of individual interest, content area or use of technology in our professional lives we have a wide variety of different articles or approaches in using tech in education.  I wanted to focus on how to use it in…

  • ED 431

    Media Creation

    The audience for my media creation is my eleventh and twelfth-grade Psychology students. I began this assignment by creating a video in Adobe Spark using a powerpoint I use introducing WWII to my students. The purpose of the video was to give absent students the ability to access the information covered in class. The creation of my video on Adobe Spark was not terrible; however, I didn’t like that it kept zooming in on the video because I used screenshots of my original slides and added them into the video. I figured there had to be a better tool to use. When I signed onto the slack page I noticed…