• ED 431

    WordPress Reflection

    I have been very pleased with the updates to my website overall from this semester. I still have improvements I would like to make, but I like how easy it is to maneuver my website now. I live in a state of chaos for the majority of my life. I find immense satisfaction with the new organization of my page. I didn’t really realize how unorganized my page was until I started my classes this semester in the ONID program. As more people began viewing my website it encouraged me to improve functionality.  Some major changes I made on my website were not difficult, I just needed to take the time…

  • ED 431


    According to our Dan Losota, “the usefulness of the PLE concept comes into play when people evaluate how they obtain, store, think about and share information.” Redoing my PLE allowed me to reflect on my the process of creating it the first time compared to the process of creating it the second. I am much more aware of the different avenues that I collect information from because I have been paying attention to it all semester. Being able to identify where I collect and share my information is a valuable reflection piece as I continue to grow and develop as a teacher and as an individual. I have taught U.S.…

  • ED 431

    Web Presence

    Web Presence  The difficulty with defining web presence is because it is dependent on each individual user, their personal knowledge or skill level and overall use of the internet. A web presence is also going to be dependent on the context in which it is being used either commercially to reach customers for a business (website) or an individual (engaging in online activity). The expectation of online use in our society is going to continue to adapt and change to meet the needs of the overall inclusion of technology and the internet into everyday life. So I also think that the definition of web presence is evolving and will always be…