• ED 655

    Horn Article Review 3

    With the exploration of different aspects of online education in our article reviews, I have found myself stuck in a place of questioning what the advantages and disadvantages are of online instruction. I am specifically interested in the application of online learning in secondary education because I am a high school teacher. I am interested in what prepares students to be successful or unsuccessful in online courses. When a student fails to earn credit in an F2F instructional course they are often allowed to complete an online course to make-up that credit. I understand the need for credit recovery especially at the secondary level, but I question if taking a…

  • ED 655

    Horn Article 2

    For my second article review, I wanted to focus on online learning and what factors made online learners ready to interact and learn online. I have been focusing on social-emotional learning as an aspect of preparing twenty-first-century learners and wanted to see how this played into online learning. I did not find any studies directly related to SEL, but I did find an article from Sakarya University by authors Zeliha Demir Kaymak and Mehmet Baris Horzum (2013) that is closely related. The article, Relationship between Online Learning Readiness and Structure and Interaction of Online Learning Students, was a quantitative study focusing on online graduate students. I struggled with the inconsistent…

  • ED 655

    Horn Article 1

    Article Review One  Being a lifelong learner is part of the reason that I was attracted to the career of teaching. I didn’t always love the individual instructional strategies that were implemented by teachers, but I have always loved to learn. When I decided to go back to school to achieve my Master’s degree I knew that I would not be able to attend classes and I would more than likely be completing my entire degree online at home. As an adult online learner, I found that this research had tremendous value for me. Like the participants in the study, I did not expect online learning to be as collaborative…