• Ed 654

    1:1 iPad Utilization and Implementation in a Secondary Classroom

    ED 650 Final Last year our district moved from having laptop computer carts in each classroom to providing every student K-12th grade with a 1:1 iPad tablet mobile device. Primary students are required to keep their devices at school; however, secondary students have the ability to use the device at school or at home. Students and teachers in our district have been reluctant to use this technology in the classroom because they have not been properly trained or prepared to successfully use the devices. This mobile technology does have the opportunity to transform instructional practices in the building by personalizing learning for all students in the classroom, but with our…

  • ED 655

    Drug Prevention Horn Lesson Plan

    Situational Factors The unit plan that I developed is for an eleventh and twelfth-grade Health II class. I can only offer two sections of Health II a semester making both of my sections large at 30 students each. All of the students that attend the Kodiak High School have to take one full credit of health. They receive half a credit taking Health I either their freshmen or sophomore year High School and receive the other half taking Health II as juniors or seniors. We currently have a population of 664 students at the Kodiak High School, 63% of those students are enrolled as a minority. Within Piaget Stages of…