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If you ever get offered a chance to take a banya, take it! Our banya is a small building made of cedar wood with an old barrel that has been turned into a stove. There are two benches one sits higher than the other depending on your heat preference. Taking a banya is the most relaxing way to bathe, it will leave you feeling refreshed and happy! It helps clear my mind, elevate my mood and keep me at peace! I outlined steps on how to prepare a banya!

How to Prepare a Banya 

Step One: This is one of the most important parts of a good long-lasting banya, wood!  We  split the wood into smaller pieces to help with getting the fire started in the stove for the banya.

Another, very important part of splitting the wood is getting it into the banya. We enlist the help of this cutie!

Step Two: Prepare the fire in the stove. We just moved in a few weeks ago, we have saved a lot of our old newspapers or any packing paper to help with getting the fire in the stove started. First, we put the newspaper in the stove and then place the smaller split wood into a tee-pee shape over the newspaper. We light the newspaper and give the fire time to really get started. Once the fire is lit, we place the larger pieces of wood into the stove.


Step Three: Once the fire is lit and going. It is time to fill up the tubs to have cold water to use to rinse off with in the banya.

Step Four: Once the fire is lit and the tubs are filled it is time to clean the banya before use. Pieces of the wood fall of when getting the fire started as well as dirt tracked in when filling the tubs. It makes it a more enjoyable experience to make sure the floor is cleaned before the start of the banya!

Step Five: Now it is time to close the door and wait for the banya to heat up. We usually leave the banya for at least 30 minutes, it is hot and toasty when we get in! Perfect! We like to start a good fire at the start so we don’t have to reload it during our banya experience! Sometimes it needs to be refilled if multiple people want to banya in one night at different times.

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