Screencast Videos

I  normally struggle with recording myself talking for any reason, as you can imagine creating a screencast was a bit of a challenge because of this. It took a few takes, but I feel that I was able to become more natural and comfortable making screencasts by the end. I don’t really know how I am going to necessarily use screencasts in my classroom yet, so I started by creating videos for simple tasks or apps that I would like to start to use in class this year. I see the potential of using this media and how it can diversify my instruction and provide students with alternative methods to access the information. I also have been trying to figure out a way for students to be able to keep and share their work in a meaningful way in class and beyond. All of the google apps that I have chosen to experiment using allow students to not only contribute, collaborate and actively participate in their learning, but it also gives them a copy of their work to save and keep. If students compile their illustrated work and projects for this entire school year, in the end, we can turn it into an ebook easily allowing students to leave my classroom with a physical representation of what they have learned. I am also pretty excited to finally figure out how to add videos to a post and not having to only add a link!


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