Commercial Fishing eBook

I am pretty excited about how my commercial fishing eBook turned out. I was a little concerned to begin with when I realized that I was going to have to create the book using an iPad. I do not have a lot of experience of creating any type of project on the iPad so I was preparing myself for a disaster. Turns out creating the book was the easiest part and getting it to upload to iBooks for viewing ended up to be the disaster. In the introduction of my book I explain in detail the history of my family in the commercial fishing industry. Growing up I spent a lot of time out on the water with my father. The older I get the more I realize just how impactful this experience was on my life. I wanted to create a book that would not only teach my children, nieces and nephews about commercial fishing but also for them to have a piece of our families history. 

As I said before, I was impressed with how easy it was to create a book in eBooks. I started by creating a rough story outline of the book. Once I had my story outline, I began looking for photos and videos to use in my ebook that would fit to my outline. I am pretty sure it took me more time going through all 600 photos looking for the ones that I wanted to use than it took me to upload them to the eBook. The app made it easy to not only upload a video but also include an audio recording also. I am happy with what I have created, but I am even more excited about the potential for improvements for my book. 

I am planning on meeting with my Aunt Ellen over the break to get even more details about my Grandfather’s first adventures on the island as a commercial fisherman. I would also like to include more pictures (that are going to have to be converted from slides) in my book of what commercial fishing was like when he started to be able to show how it has drastically changed since he started fishing 70 years ago in Kodiak, AK. Another great addition to the book I want to make is recording my Uncle, Dad, brother and partner Dylan telling some of their favorite fishing stories. It saddens me that I do not have the ability to do this with my grandfather but hope that it is something that our kids can treasure now and forever. Please download and check out my eBook at the link below! 

Commercial Fishing in Kodiak Alaska  

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