Drug Prevention Unit Plan

Situational Factors/Context 

The unit plan that I am developing is for an eleventh and twelfth-grade Health II class. I only can offer two sections of Health II a semester making both of my sections large at 30 students each. All of the students in my Health II course have already taken Health I either during their freshman or sophomore year of High School. 

The units for Health I are exactly the same as Health II, even the textbook is the same for both classes. By having most of the material being repetitive it makes it hard to engage students or motivate them to work hard and apply themselves. I have been wanting to reorganize the class because most of the content is already being taught in Health I.  

As juniors and seniors, I think they would be motivated by learning about aspects of health they are interested in. Some of these students are balancing work, school, extracurricular activities and being a caregiver at home. I need to take that into consideration when planning my lessons. Additionally, all students have iPads, but not all of my students have access to the internet at home. Work time may be limited to in-class for a large portion of my class. I need to balance giving them enough time to complete the project/not too much time they waste class time. 

Students need a full year of health to graduate. They currently take the first semester as a freshman/sophomore and their second semester as a junior/seniors.  Students can take a Health II online, but I am the only Health II teacher. Health II does have a curriculum document and Alaska State standards to follow. The units are Nutrition and Fitness, Mental and Emotional Health, Safety and Violence Prevention, Anti-Drug Education, Sexual Health and Life Skills. The unit I am planning for is my Anti-Drug Education unit. 

Concept Map/Framework of Unit

Learning Objectives: 

LT 1:  Analyze the relationship between using alcohol and other drugs and associated health risks. 

LT2: Determine the value of applying responsible decision making related to tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use.

LT3: Formulate a message that promotes being tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs free. 

Brainstorm List of Activities 

  • Project: Google Site Creation for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention
    • Students would be split into groups focusing on a different category of drugs. The groups would be stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, dissociatives, opioids, inhalants, and cannabis. Each group would be responsible for creating a google site page that informs students of the following: 
      • Defines the category they were assigned. 
      • Provides examples of different drugs in their category
      • Prevalence in our community 
      • Long/Short Term Health Risks Associated with Drug Abuse or Addiction to assigned category (Impact on Brain and Body) 
      • Consequences to the community?
      • Community resources, when, how and where to get help!
  • Project: Short PSA advocating for students to be drug-free, not to drink or drive, responsible ways to get home, etc. Students could make posters with a QR code that could be hung up around the school for other students to access their PSAs?? 

Drug Prevention Unit Plan

Unit on Google Sites